Coloring training were the main reason for creation the Academy of Color When I started my adventure with hair dressing,
I tried to find a person capable of explaining me the complex art of coloring.
Unfortunately I was unable to find classes or trainings where my needs would be fulfilled.


Thankfully, my career path mixed with an artistic environment. Parallel to my hairdressing activities,
I started studies on Academy of Fine Arts. Time spent there through painting pictures and uplifting my artistic skills,
allowed me to gather experience and knowledge as well as open my mind for things which I couldn’t understand before.


Next turning point in my career were coloring coaches training organized by TIGI company.
Since I finished my hair dressing courses, but not a real school, my knowledge on i.e. anatomy of hair, among other basic information, wasn’t systematized.
Thanks to the training, it all fell in the right places and suddenly became easy. All I needed more was some chemical expertise,
but luckily I always liked and understood chemistry. By connecting all the pieces together and through systematization,
I finally understood what coloring hair is.


Being an experienced person today, who not only shares knowledge through my academy,
but also by participating in various courses, I know how important role teacher plays.
Someone who helps understand, who explains and who shows why some things happen.
Someone who makes us want to know more and will also provide us with necessary tools to achieve that.
That’s the main reason I created my Academy and offer coloring courses.


I want to share my knowledge and my experience, give you tools to work with. At the same time,
I’d love to learn from you, cause we’re different and we experience the world in a different way.
I find it beautiful to share knowledge with each other, learn together and find a common denominator.


Trainings in my Academy are registreted in...



MechanicsAcademy of ColourBlonde Spectrum


Short - one day, seasonal classes. Conducted by guests, who are best in their profession. Training will include various aspects of hairdressing world and more: hair-up do, cutting, colouring, managing.
Workshops were constructed in a way, which each participant will have an opportunity to witness,
remember and practice material shown during courses. My goal is to make the subject of training as quick, fresh and easy to learn.