About me

"My name is Tomasz Lisowicz and hair are my passion!"


Although I can’t count myself among those who wanted to become a hair dresser since childhood,
now I don’t think about doing anything else.
Hairdressing is my passion for about ten years and I gladly go to work each day.


My second passion is painting. I completed Academy of Fine Arts with honors in that degree.
I adore talking about colors, create new ones, not only on hair but also on cloth.


Since I always loved to teach, combining my passions with the pleasure of sharing knowledge,
I decided to open Academy of Color.


I’d like to thank people without whom my academy wouldn’t be:


Marek Bryczyński

for waking the hairdressing passion in me and shaping my taste as well as my view on hair;



for showing me the right path;


Adrian and Marcin

from A&M Premium Distribution for trusting me and the whole company for kind and professional cooperation;


Michael Jung

for being a fantastic mentor;


Darek Śpiewak and Sylwia Szafer

for strong mobilization to create the Academy;


And last but not least, the most important person in the whole world, my beloved wife Agnieszka Chełmońska
– without you there wouldn’t be anything.
Thank you most kindly for putting up with me.
I Love you!